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National Competitors

If you are planning to compete at any National or International events you will need to fill out the following form and submit to the SABBA office before registering for your event.  This allows SABBA to verify your qualification as well order you a warmup suit and pay for your entry fees.

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Annual General Meeting

This year the SABBA Annual General Meeting will be taking place May 6th at the Ramada Inn Saskatoon.  The AGM will be taking place at 10 AM.  As this on the Sunday following the IFBB Saskatchewan Provincial Championships we hope that as many memeber as possible are able to join us for this meeting.


 SABBA Anouncement

February 23, 2018

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The SABBA Executive has decided to postpone the 2018 Natural Qualification competition (Tested) set for March 10th in Regina. Unfortunately our registered competitor threshold for this competition has not been met and as such to ensure a quality competition event we have had to make the tough decision to re-schedule this event to our up coming Novice event weekend in Regina on April 21st 2018.

We do apologize for the late postponement of this event but felt in the interest of a quality competition we have no choice currently. If you have registered for this event you may simply leave this registration in place for the April 21st show or seek a refund of the registration fees.

Tickets: A full refund on any attendance ticket purchased will be made available up to March 5th 2018. Ticket holders for this event can choose to have their ticket exchanged for April 21st event and as an added incentive they will also receive a ticket to any 1 session of the Novice completion of their choosing.

Once again it is the Executives sincere apology and we hope that you will understand.



 CBBF Anouncement

October 26, 2017

The Olympia this year created much more excitement than anyone ever anticipated and ever since everyone, me included has been interested to see how everything unfolds and what will become of bodybuilding and physique sports within Canada.  For the most part things have been answered with the formation of the CPA.  So what happens to the CBBF?  Nothing! They carry on as usual promoting our sports within Canada and continuing to give back to the athletes.

The CBBF has made a formal announcement that has been attached.  Please read so that you as well will know all the facts.


CBBF vs CPA click to read

Your in Health and Fitness


Harvey Viteychuk

Past President


April 10, 2017

Annual General Meeting

This year the SABBA Annual General Meeting will be taking place May 14th at the Ramada Inn Saskatoon.  The AGM will be taking place at 10 AM.  As this on the Sunday following the IFBB Saskatchewan Provincial Championships we hope that as many memeber as possible are able to join us for this meeting.

This year also comes to the end of a 3 year term for the current executive and therefore is also an election year with the following positions up for election:


Vice President

Sectretary Treasurer

Nominations for any of these positions may be sent to the association office.

Nov 12, 2015

SABBA to Introduce New Men's Classes For 2016

For 2016 SABBA will be introducing the Men's Classic Physique classes. Classic Physique will bridge the gap between Bodybuilding and Men's Physique.  Classic Physique will be for competitors who want to present more muscular size than is currently acceptable for Men's Physique, but not as extreme as the current standards for Bodybuilding.  Check out the Competitors Information page for more details.


Mar 3, 2015

New Format For 2015 Events

The format for all of our events will be different this year, each show will run as 2 sessions. The first session will start at 1pm Saturday and will include Men’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique and Figure classes. These classes will go through their preliminary (pre-judging) rounds and finals all within the same session and all athletes will be finished once they leave the stage.  The second session will start at 6pm Saturday and will include Men’s Physique and Women’s Bikini classes.  These classes will also go through their preliminary rounds and finals all within their session.

These changes are being implemented to run a quicker and much more efficient show, athletes are only having to prepare to go on stage once and not having to manage diet and water intake between prejudging and finals, as well it provides more time to prep, hair, makeup, tanning etc.

Nov 27, 2014

Other Organizations in Saskatchewan


It seems that we at SABBA have had many inquiries in regards to other associations holding events in Saskatchewan.I would like to take the time to clarify everything for our members and competitors.

SABBA is a non-profit volunteer organization here in Saskatchewan to promote the sports of Bodybuilding, Physique,Figure, Fitness and Bikini. It is the only onganization in the province that is affiliated to the IFBB and the only organization that will qualify competitors to the CBBF National Championships and their shot at an IFBB pro card. All money that SABBA makes is used to improve the sport within the province.

All these other associations are private for profit businesses based somewhere else for the purpose of running competitions. Becoming a  Pro athlete in any of these organizations would allow competitors to compete in any affiliated designated Pro divisions, however would eliminate them from being able to further compete within the IFBB stream because of the pro status.

Having said all this, SABBA does not restrict any of our members from competing in events put on by other organizations. All SABBA members are free to compete in any contest available to them.


Harvey Viteychuk

President and Chief Judging Official


Jan 18, 2012

CBBF Announcement:

Any CBBF member who is found to be working with or promoting organizations not recognized by the IFBB/NPC/CBBF has contravened its rules and/or by laws and may be subject to disciplinary measures.

Professional athletes, judges, and officials from organizations not recognized by the IFBB/NPC/CBBF shall not be permitted to participate in or to promote their organizations in any capacity at CBBF or CBBF sanctioned events or those events conducted by CBBF affiliates.

Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to our sport. If I may I would like to thank you on behalf of the IFBB and NPC.

Georgina Dunnington

CBBF Chairperson

April 7, 2011

SABBA Judging Biased?

This is the question that has recently thrown out to the bodybuilding community.  As long as there have been bodybuilding competitions with judges there have been allegations of bias shown to one competitor over another.

I have been involved in the Association since 1988 and have heard my share of allegations of this nature and guarantee long after I leave they will continue.

So under these circumstances, what is it that SABBA is doing to insure a fair and equitable outcome to our events.  Anyone that has been to one of our shows will know that there is typically either 7 or 9 judges sitting just off the stage where they are best able to judge the competitors.  Why so many you may ask, simple, after all the scores are collected we automatically eliminate the high and low scores.  In effect any one judge that may unduly mark a competitor higher than all the other judges, that mark will be eliminated.  Also if there was one judge that unfairly marked a competitor down would also end up with the same result.  This by itself can most commonly eliminate bias within the judging panel.  Approximately 4 years ago we also introduced our judges oath and disclosure that each judge needs to sign before each competition.  On this form each judge lists any competitor that he or she may have helped prep prior to the event.  At this point the Head Judge may exclude a judge from judging that particular class by inserting their own scores to replace the judge with the apparent conflict of interest.  Or the other option is to let the judge score the round and then during the scoring tabulation determine if there is any bias and replace the scores at that time.  This is not an uncommon practice that is often followed at the National level and in many of the provinces.  With these practices in place, I guarantee that judging based upon bias has not affected the outcome of a class at any of the competitions that I have presided over.

Having said all this the face of bodybuilding has been changing rapidly over the last couple years, trainers are no longer a buddy or some guy from your gym that has competed before, but usually a well qualified individual with a competitive history behind their name.  These trainers are now able to charge for their services and there are many competitors willing to pay for these services.  So rather than one of our long standing and very experienced judges having 1 or 2 friends in a competition they have 4 or maybe more, clients.  And this has only sprung up on us in the last couple events, and this is why last spring we started communicating with Manitoba to create a judges swap to help eliminate some of the perception of conflict of interest.  We announced it at last year’s AGM that this is what we would be doing and came to an agreement with Manitoba in the fall.  Unfortunately in February the Manitoba president advised me that due to some issues with their executive, they rescinded the offer of a judge swap for this year.  Now I can hear you already saying, " So why don't we go to a different province" or "let’s just bring someone else in anyways".   My thought is this, my duty as the President of SABBA is to grow the sport of bodybuilding within the province of Saskatchewan and if another jurisdiction is not going to give our judges a chance to expand their knowledge, then I am not prepared to walk away from the many dedicated judges that have volunteered their time for so many years and say I have just outsourced your job because nobody trusts you.  The bodybuilding community is a small one here in Saskatchewan and therefore we do not have dozens of people offering to become judges, so that we can pick and choose.  On occasion, out of our pool of 15 we are able to only come up with the 7 that we need.  Some of our judges still compete, others have family and are not always available.  And we can’t expand our pool too large or the judges will not get to judge often enough to stay proficient.  So SABBA has up to this point done what it felt was best to insure a fair and unbiased result at every competition that we hold.  Some may argue that we partake in wide spread collusion and pre-select all the winners and if you really think about it you will realize how downright ludicrous this notion is.

Do changes need to be made?  The face of bodybuilding is changing and the association always need to be willing to move forward for the sake of the competitors. What those changes are is up for discussion.

Harvey Viteychuk

President and Chief Judging Official


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